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Flottille 17F flying Super Etendard

Écrit le 04/12/15, dans Actualités France


Landivisiau, sept. 2015 : Flottille 17F training

Two months before Groupe Aéronaval sailed off Toulon for mission Arromanches 2, we visited Flottille 17F at Landivisiau. The unique Super Etendard Modernisé squadron was actively training to prepare its operational tour.


17F-41 lands under peculiar landing officer scrutinity

Flottille 17F has its full complement of 9 aircrafts, with experienced pilots as well as two young flying officers. The squadron is part of Carrier Air Group on board carrier Charles de Gaulle.


Thanks to continuous updates, SEM standard 5 is a true day/night attack fighter

Flottille 17F Super Etendard are able to conduct any air-to-surface missions, with air-to-air cover eventually provided by Rafale (Flottille 11F and 12F), and under real time operational control of French Aeronavale Hawkeye (Flottille 4F).


Crew chief clears 17F-8 for taxy, in September 2015

It is now certain that Flottille 17F will retire its Super Etendard next year, and begin to fly Rafale Marine right after, being the third squadron to re-equip with the twin-engined multirole Dassault.


2016 will be time of countdown for the classic naval fighter … in France

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