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Flottille 36F flying Panther 2

Écrit le 07/07/15, dans Actualités France

New Panther standard fully operationnal at Hyères

French Navy now enjoys the new operational standard of its Aérospatiale Panther fleet: Panther 2 features, among other equipements, a FLIR/laser sensor pod, a ‘liaison 11’ tactical link, a large tactical display, and an up-to-date glass cockpit.


A flight of Panther 2, showing the new FLIR/laser sensor on port side

Flottille 36F, based at Hyères, is the sole unit to fly the anti-surface combat fleet, with three over sea detachments, and up to five other flights on board Marine Nationale frigates.


Two Panther 2, one of them wearing a 20th anniversary colour scheme

Flottille 36F celebrated its 20th anniversary on 26 June, with 65 000 hours on the clock. The unit is involved in many operational theatres. One of its next challenges will be the integration of the much awaited missile ‘Anti-Navire-Léger’, a franco-british program in need of decisive funding.


There is still room for a light anti-ship missile …

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